Cedar Creek Resort

South Carolina’s Premiere Adult Only Clothing Optional Resort

Discover a haven of pure relaxation and vibrant entertainment at Cedar Creek Resort, South Carolina's most exquisite adult-only paradise. Nestled just outside the charming city of Columbia, our resort offers an exclusive escape like no other. Immerse yourself in a world of freedom and sophistication, where clothing is optional and the possibilities are limitless.
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At Cedar Creek Resort, we've carefully crafted an atmosphere that radiates both elegance and comfort. From the moment you step onto our secluded grounds, you'll be enchanted by the inviting ambiance. Our meticulously maintained public areas follow a "family friendly" ethos, ensuring an inclusive experience for all guests. Embrace the luxurious amenities and unwind in an environment meticulously designed for your ultimate relaxation.

As the sun sets, the magic of Cedar Creek truly comes alive. Every Friday and Saturday night, our resort transforms into a hub of entertainment, treating you to captivating shows and experiences that will leave you enchanted. Feel the rhythm of live music coursing through the air, indulge in delectable offerings from our vendors, and dance the night away in the company of kindred spirits. It's a celebration of life and freedom that you won't find anywhere else.

Cedar Creek Resort is blossoming into a destination that has captured the hearts of countless individuals. Rediscover the magic that has everyone talking and experience the allure anew.

And that's not all – Cedar Creek Resort proudly hosts the legendary Nudestock! A cherished tradition since 1994, Nudestock is an annual Music Festival that beckons adventurers from across the nation. Join us during the last weekend of September for an unforgettable celebration of music, community, and joy. Let the melodies sweep you off your feet and revel in a weekend that transcends the ordinary.

Your journey to Cedar Creek Resort begins with a simple online reservation. Allow us to welcome you to a world where relaxation, entertainment, and liberation intertwine seamlessly. We eagerly await the pleasure of your company. Thank you for considering us for your upcoming escape.

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Because these are the best days of your life!
Escape to our year-round resort, alive with captivating activities for every season. Dive into sand volleyball, friendly games like corn hole, petanque, and more. Embark on leisurely walks along our mile-long trails.
Discover a range of accommodations nestled in nature's embrace – from RV sites to cozy huts, a charming cabin, and comfy rentals. Embrace the outdoors in style, with flat RV sites and curated tenting areas.
Our vibrant community stands out, welcoming all with open arms. Leave cliques behind and join a diverse family united by shared experiences.
Freedom reigns here. Whether you choose full liberation or swimsuit comfort, our pools and hot tubs invite relaxation. The ambiance shifts seamlessly between clothed events and carefree poolside moments.
At our sanctuary, comfort is key. Be yourself without expectations. Embrace naturism or swimwear – the choice is yours.
Experience a haven where diversity thrives, choices abound, and connections flourish. Join us on a journey to unbridled contentment – a resort inviting you to define yourself, your way.


"Because these are the best days of your life"

Cedar Creek Resort

"My wife and I love to travel and Adult Only-Clothing Optional places are our favorite type of spots. We had some friends recommend Cedar Creek to us and we gave it a try a couple of months ago, have been back 3 times since, brought friends from Charleston and we've all bought a year's membership. The people we have met here have been incredibly inviting and friendly. The pool during the day is the spot to be with volleyball, corn-hole, music and an awesome community vibe. There is a large covered area to get out of the sun if you wish. Even though it's "clothing optional" you will rarely see anyone wearing bathing suits. Everyone is respectful and non-judgmental. You'll want to spend an hour floating down the lazy river on a hot afternoon as well. Friday and Saturday nights are spent with Karaoke, Fun Theme Nights and lots of sexy dancing in their little disco. The owners, Mark and Molly, are gracious and attentive hosts whom we've become friends with as well. They are constantly upgrading and improving on the facility. If you don't own a camper, you can rent one there or a large or small cabin for a reasonable price. Bathrooms are clean and the showers are a highlight of the stay (au natural and out in the open). Cedar Creek has become our new South Carolina "happy place" and we are proud to call ourselves "Creekers!"”
Review Jul 2020

Cedar Creek Resort

"Best resort in Columbia, best nude resort in SC.
My first day trip here was on Oct 1 2016. This place has an indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub. It also has some nice trails that lead to the creek. I have been going here a lot since my first trip. I have meet a lot of cool and interesting people and have had a lot of fun out here. It is the only fun place to hangout at in Columbia.The people there are what makes it fun. I have met a lot of like minded people and have had a lot of good times out here during the summer and winter. They are friendly towards singles, couples, drinkers, non-drinkers, and people of all shapes and sizes, all races and sexualites. Your behavior is your passport. People assume the worst when it comes to nude resorts. However, anything that you wouldn't do with cloths on at your local community pool you can't do at cedar creek. The membership is totally worth getting. The summer and winter holiday events are very fun.This is the only place where you can be social with everyone, get to talk to"
Review Oct 2019

Cedar Creek Resort

"Best time I had with my husband alone in some time. No one under 18 with couples' seemed to be preferred. I teased him that we would get there and not be able or want t be nude. It was optional. I will say I kept my shorts on a lot, Need to figure out where to place my inhaler. We came on the off season. Not many people around, so it felt fine to take my top off when I got hot. Easy way to to enter the life style. Then by the time I was ready for the indoor pool, I did not even think to bring a suit. Felt young skinny dipping with my husband. The weekend had events and everyone was so fun and friendly. and pulled us in to the group. All were dressed in different stages of nudity.

I can not wait to go back.
Review Nov 2020 



260 Gantt Mill Rd
Leesville, SC 29070


Email: staff@cedarcreekresort.net
Phone: 803-567-5227

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